Questions Answered by Principal

Questions Commonly Asked By Parents

Q: Is Agape registered with the Department of Education, implementing the government's curriculum?

A: Yes, Agape is registered with the Department of Education and our well qualified teaching staff are continuously developing the curriculum to suit the learner's needs.

Q: Will my child be able to transfer to a government school at any stage, and without difficulty?

A: Yes! We follow the national curriculum requirements set out by the Department of Education.

Q: Being a Christian school, do you seclude the learners from the outside world?

A: No! We prepare them to cope in the outside world. Rather than isolate them we insulate them to be able to stand tall in any situation.

Q: Are the learners sheltered in a "green-house" environment?

A: Yes! The purpose of a green-house is to provide an environment where young, tender plants can be protected, cared for and nurtured. And learners, just like plants, need protection, care, and nurture, especially at this young stage.

Q: Shouldn't our learners be the "salt of the earth" in their local schools?

A: When good people go into places of corruption and contamination with the intention of changing bad to good, it is often the opposite that happens. Evil breeds evil. A little bit of leaven leavens the whole lump. Learners are most often brought down to the moral level of their peers.