Reading the Bible

Super Kids Camp

Spiritual Education

Agape teaches Christian morals and instills Godly character to equip every learner for the challenges of the outside world. We believe that every learner that leaves the school will have a good foundation in the ways of God. Besides instilling biblical values in the learners through assembly teachings, teachers in the school are encouraged to add biblical principles to the curriculum. We believe that it is these applied principles in the day-to-day lives of the learners that make a difference.

The learners are also taught that giving is a large part of their Christian responsibility and one of the ways of teaching this, is involving them in community outreaches. Christianity is not just an ethos at our school but rather a way of life.

Super Kids Christian Club

Super Kids is a fun-filled Bible club where members learn relevant Bible knowledge. We work on a theme per month, which is supported by Bible stories, plays, memory verses, various games and songs. Leadership abilities are developed through small group opportunities by ministering to peers.

We strive to develop healthy Christian life skills and the opportunity to enjoy some time with the Lord and friends. The school organizes an annual Super Kids camp which is a real highlight every year. Learners from grade 2 are allowed to attend the camp.