Funday Activities

Shooting Fun

Entrepreneurs Day

Yearly Events

Agape keeps the learners actively involved in fun and exciting activities. Such events are planned by our dedicated staff and parents.
Fun day activities consist of the following:

Fun Day
Action Attraction, our annual fun day, is an event not to be missed. It is the highlight of the year for the children. This event has grown to the point where we have been able to raise enough to purchase mini busses and complete all types of projects at the school. The day is filled with amusement park type games and rides with entertainment by the children and celebrities.

Grandparents Day
Learners sing songs to grandparents while they enjoy some tea and cake. Our grandparents also get to see what the learners are involved with in school.

Entrepreneurs Day
This is a fun filled day in which we give our learners an opportunity to make some extra pocket money. Learners create, market and run their stores, teaching them basic business skills.

Carols by Candle Light
Learners and parents get together on the sports field with a packed picnic basket for an evening of carols by candle light. We also have camel rides on the night and other fun activities.

Every alternative year.